I no longer log into HA

Help me, I have changed router and telephone company, and I can no longer access HA, although I use duckdns.
In my router I cannot set IPV6 … could this be the reason?
Otherwise what can I do?
Thanks to anyone who answers me

CGNAT might be a reason, i.e. your new provider wouldn’t allow you to access directly your HA instance because the IP reported to duckdns points to some router at their side, and not yours.

Check if the IP returned by duckdns is equal to the external IP on your router.

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thank you for the answer, I will try to verify :+1:

Can you connect from your home network to your HA machine with the local IP address?
As @koying says: also check your WAN address in your router/modem and if this is the same that duckdns returns.

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no unfortunately I could not even connect with the old router from a local IP

Do you know the IP address from your HA and can you ping it?
Do you use another IP addressing scheme/range with your new provider?
What kind of HA setup do you run?

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I use this version “core-2021.11.5”
I have pinged my HA and it is correct, however the IP that duckdns returns to me is of the type 80.117. **. **
My provider uses the schema
Now from a local I am able to enter even if it gives me an insecure connection, but I cannot enter from the outside

Have you pinged your HA LAN IP address (192.168.1.x) or the WAN IP address (80.117.x.x) because that’s not clear.
If you used the WAN IP address, it can be assigned to someone else.

Since you’re able to connect from LAN, it means your HA is running.
Compare your current WAN IP with the IP address that is assigned to the duckdns hostname that you have reserved.

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Nick4, all fixed, it was a problem opening doors on the router … thanks a lot for the help

Ok, glad it’s fixed!
You can check this topic as fixed.