I noticed the recent change

Today I noticed the documentation menu has replaced the term ‘Components’ with ‘Integrations’.

The community forum still uses ‘Components’ however the link leads to the ‘Integrations’ page (I imagine the link’s title will be updated in the near future).


So in the spirit of the ‘Great Migration’, is this part of the ‘Great Clarification’? I welcome our new Integration overlords …

Upon closer inspection, I believe the ‘Great Clarification’ is a work-in-progress. Only some of the menus use the term ‘Integrations’ whereas others use ‘Components’.

For example, Actionable Notifications and Remote Access use ‘Integrations’ whereas the documentation home page and Group Visibility use ‘Components’.

Definitely a work-in-progress because now both Group Visibility and the docs home page are displaying Integrations in their menu. The ‘Great Clarification’ continues ….

The Great Migration™ rolls on.



@AhmadK Not sure what you are trying to say here

I’m just showing that Components -> Integration is both outside and inside.