I-shunfa g9 smart led compatibility

Due to issues with existing lamo fittings in my bathroom (closed glass shade that means bulb circumferencemust be less than 19.9mm), plus hampered accessibility to the light switch fitting in the roofsoace, I am considering I-shunfa g9 dimmable bulbs as the only potentially suitable smart bulb option.

However, these are Bluetooth and can be accessed via a Z-home app that I know nothing about.

If they cannot be integrated into home assistant, they are a non-starter. Any ideas if they can, including esp options?

Hi @stain3565 - did you ever try these out or find Home Assistant compatible g9 bulbs?

I took a risk and bought them. However, I have not found a way to get them into HA. I thought it might be a Milight remote but that integration did not recognise it. Also, at one point when setting these up, they showed up in SmartLife App but they could not be added properly there.

Checking now whether I can get a Shelly in the light fitting but don’t think I have any way to integrate the shunfa app controls.

Hey there, same issue here. Cannot find a shelly, or another switch, that is small enough for my light fitting. the G9 bulbs from i-shunfa cannot be added to HA. :frowning: Any other good ideas?
Thanks a lot!