I started this elsewhare but now I decided to make it a new thread!

my aim is to produce a tutorial for those who know no coding. I would like to limit the number of participants to those that want to deliver a solution. There is no point in opening this to the world. My vision is to use the Raspberry Pi 4 as a starting point. We can then move onto all of the other installation methods as time progresses.
Lets face it once installed the configuration is similar! with some differences but initially I would like to focus on supervised! It for the obvious reasons is more new user friendly.

The additional common add-ons would be included along with any required configuration all of the above explained in lay terms.
From my point of view once a new adopter of the software understands the basics then they can ask appropriate questions.
But we as higher level users must demonstrate the path to do that!
This will be done initially via VPN to a node in my network. Access will only be granted to those who truly want this idea/vision to develop! I am happy to open another tread for those who oppose any of the direction that the core build either believe in or support! But for me we must find a common ground for a lay person to build their home automation system whist also understanding the risks involved!

Carpe diem

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OK, moving forward with this I have had a rethink!
I already know how to use media-wiki and have some web space available, so I am going to host this on my existing server as a private wiki. Once approved by devs and amend/added to by community members it will then need nothing more than a link in the forums and perhaps on the main getting started page.
Why the change? Well it is a lot less graft than building a dedicated server on one of my networks and I can manage access easily without interfering with my home networks. Makes sense right?

If you do want to contribute please use your username from the HA forums. That way I can do some due diligence to see if you are serious about contributing.

Feed back here is always welcome!

Where do we contribute (or am I going blind!)

Your first post contains an Edit button that allows any user to modify the post’s contents. Is that intentional?

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@nickrout No your not going blind I am currently setting up the server. I will post here with a link once it is done.
Just have some security and configuration issues to address.
After all we must all look after our own security!

@123 nope it wasn’t but I am new to both the forum software and posting in general other than asking questions. Please point me to an instructional on restricting posts here?

They’re restricted to the author by default so it must be due to some option you chose. For example, you categorized the post as documentation. Maybe that has special meaning and opens the post to editing by the community. Try removing it or changing it to another category.

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Hmm I believe that it was not me but thank you. So I will now reclassify it again to installation!

OK, I found the answer here:

I was wrong about the “documentation” category. There’s a dedicated command to make a standard post into a Wiki post.

In the first post’s toolbar there’s an overflow icon (three dots). Click that and it will reveal additional icons including a wrench.

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Click the wrench and it will offer to make a standard post into a Wiki post (and, I believe, vice-versa).

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I don’t think I did that but Thank you none the less. I am in the process of building a media wiki site at the cost of my own bandwidth and space. In doing so I want to both gain those that want to positively contribute and take the strain of bandwidth from the core development. It’s just my way. Once the work is complete and all who genuinely want contribute have done so it is just a matter of providing a link to the actual forums. Yes I understand that the platform is different; and yes I understand that those who wish to contribute may have to learn the syntax of media-wiki!
All I want to do is create a simple no knowledge method of installing and using HA. No fuss, no elitism, and no jargon!
As an individual that has been in IT for 20 + years I am an old fart. But the industry I chose means I must never stop leaning new skills and I am 50+ years young!

This is going to take a short while to setup and build. I do not have infinite time! What I do have is the willingness to help the layman build and understand HA.
As I have said before; My goal is to get laypersons to a workable installation. They must start from the point of knowing nothing.
After which we can filter then into understanding yaml!
After that the sky is the limit. For any user who can write knowing what a space or two is easy. We do have to get them there though?

Those are admirable goals but, to prevent undesirable alterations to your first post, you ought to disable its status as a Wiki post.

Good luck attracting contributors to your new site.

Thank you I have re adjusted the first post although I think a mod may have moved it. I started it in the configuration cat and have moved it back since your post alerting me of the facts.

Addendum: If no one wants to contribute I will simply do it on my own!

Doesn’t seem to have made any difference; it’s still open to the public.

bugger! will look again!

@123 Gratias tibi ago intelligo latin idem Khmai, Thai, Hindi, Urdu, BRITISH English Canadian English. Dutch oh yes and French!
But my main devotion is human understanding and it is in that regard that I offer my services. If no one wants my contribution I will do it anyway!