I think an important aspect of the automation/lists grouping was missed

First of all, thank you so much for all the months of work by the developers on the new features to group, label, and otherwise manage item data. And for the various grouping and filtering options that are now presented in the UI.

However, there’s a very important note that I wanted to bring up - even with all the work that was done – someone with 1000 automations will still get a list of 1000 automations when they go to their list. I think an important UI request was a grouping options - which was added - but it just groups the 1000 automations into whatever grouping option gets selected.

The idea of hiding & expanding lists didn’t make it, and I’m not sure if it was considered or not. I was excited to see the “grouping” option, but again it just moves them around into groups but the list is still long, if not longer now with group titles.

I come from the Homeseer world, which has always had this feature via “arrows” that would expand the lists as needed. This made my automation list very short, and since I always knew where I needed to go to work on one it was one click away to getting all the automations for a particular room. Here’s an example:

The current sorting options was something I already had before the changes by ensuring I started each automation name with the room or area, i.e. ‘Frontyard: Porch light’ and ‘Family Room: TV Lights’.

I’m not sure if it’s a feature request, but I’m hoping others might jump on board this thread and offer their thoughts and ideas, or agreement that it would be helpful for others with a lot of automations.

An argument might be said that I could always use the new “Search” bar, but that’s just more typing that I’d rather just scroll and click on a grouping option instead. To make this versatile, the grouping could be by any of the new data points (type, floor, whatever) and not just area.

Thanks for all the awesome work!



There was a feature added in the recent 05.04 update that has arrows to collapse sections. That’s exactly what I was looking for, and it seems to “stick” meaning if you collapse everything it stays that way even if you navigate elsewhere.

YAY HA engineers! Thanks again!