I tried it, but how do I unlink it from HA?

I installed the app, I did like it. However before doing so I was running OwnTracks to play around with location tracking into HA. Now things are bit out of Sync. Maybe a bit of my fault here but now I have three particles, and two show me as away and one home. I think the app last reported me as home.

I’m 100% new to this, just getting my hands dirty but I’m having a hard time understanding, at least in the UI, how things are tied together. I see an entity, user linked in one particle with the source matching OwnTracks. The others just read ‘GPS’ with no ID for me to troubleshoot with.

Annotation 2019-12-09 152641

Think iOS users see the same here;

EDIT: I finally found and edited the entity in the list. At first I didn’t see the second “Pixel 3” entry that wasn’t tied to OwnTracks.