I want to create my energy page, but i can't select my solar panels and the Youless electricity meter?

I want to create my energy page, but i can’t select my solar panels and the Youless electricity meter in the energy list. Do you know a solution? And how i can fix it.

I am having the same issue. I found this older thread but it did not give me an answer.

I have an entity with the following attributes and it is not selectable in the energy integration for solar panels.

state_class: total_increasing
source: sensor.solar_panel_production_kwh
status: collecting
last_period: '27.278'
meter_period: daily
cron pattern: 0 0 * * *
last_reset: '2022-03-15T13:00:00.034897+00:00'
unit_of_measurement: kWh
device_class: energy
icon: mdi:counter
friendly_name: Solar Panel Production Daily

I’m in the same boat here. Did you ever figure this out?

I am capturing meter data via RTL-433 via 915Mhz straight from my meter. It is setup as an mqtt sensor:

  - platform: mqtt
    name: Electric Meter Consumption
    unit_of_measurement: "kWh"
    device_class: energy
    state_topic: rtl_433/ERT-SCM/******
    value_template: "{{ value_json.consumption_data }}"

I’m getting values into this sensor but it doesn’t have the required utility meter attributes. So I used the utility meter integration here: Utility Meter Helper Integration, which references the sensor above as the source data.

Now I can see in Developer Tools my new “Electric Meter” with the following attributes:

state_class: total_increasing
source: sensor.electric_meter_consumption
status: collecting
last_period: 0
meter_period: monthly
cron pattern: 0 0 1 * *
last_reset: 2022-05-22T01:21:56.374458+00:00
icon: mdi:counter
friendly_name: Electric Meter
unit_of_measurement: kWh
device_class: energy

When I got to my Energy Dashboard and try to add “Grid Consumption” it only allowed me to select this meter after about 30 minutes (probably due to meter reading frequencies). The values aren’t matching my sensor, so I think I have configured the meter incorrectly, but at least it shows up as a meter I can select.

Yes I did sorry. All I had to do was go to developer tools > statistics and fix that particular utility Meter. I had a few with various issues that were all fixed wiithin that page very easy. It then was selectable for the energy dashboard.

If the values you are seeing aren’t right then either the source sensor isn’t right or maybe you just need to wait for the month to roll over.

I found testing with daily values easier because of the reset frequency.