I want to get some zwave devices is vera the best controller?

I need some door sensors and energy monitoring devices, also it just seems like there are alot more zwave devices than others. I already have harmony and hue hubs just nothing zwave. From what Ive read it is one of the better ones, does it work easily with HA and is this what you guys would recommend? thanks!

after having a Vera3 for a few years and encountering endless problems, I have to say STAY AWAY from Vera… It was always crashing, needing a power cycle. They would constantly be releasing firmware updates to try and fix the problems but each release would create just as many issues as it fixed.

The best solution is just to buy an Aeon Labs Z-Stick (USB) and plug it into your HA server. It has a battery inside which lets you unplug it and take it to each z-wave device you newly install, click the button on the stick, click the button on the device, and BAM! it’s included to the network. Plug it back into your HA server and the rest is taken care of by HA.

oh wow, that sounds awesome. Thank you very much Im glad I asked. So reliable and integrates with HA easy as well? Hue hubs are just flawless, I didnt even think about those issues I kinda just got spoiled i guess lol