I want to run my automations through automations.yaml plus i do not want to restart home assistant upon any changes in automations.yaml. Please suggest

I am trying to achieve implementing automations by updating the entries in the automations.yaml file and want home assistant to reload my automations without restarting the HA.

Please suggest how i can reload my automations which are updated through automations.yaml without having the need to restart HomeAssistant. I will be dynamically adding the automations in the automations.yaml file.

You can do it by clicking on Configuration in the sidebar, click on General and click on the Check Config button.

When it’s valid, you can use the configuration reloading tab by clicking the Reload Automations action

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Thank you for the reply. It was helpful.

Actually, i was looking for some way to reload automations through the backend only and not through the HA UI… So that as soon as i update any new automation in my automations.yaml file, HA should be able to trigger it without having to reload through UI or restarting HA.

Please suggest, if something of this sort is achievable.


In short , probably if we could find a way to trigger the reload of automations through some command or may be by specifying certain key-values in the automations.yaml or configuration.yaml itself, so that i dont have to explicitly reload through UI …

I believe the automation.reload service does what you want.

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Do we use the command as it is ??

Can you give the exact command I should use to reload the automations? It will be much helpful.



thanks i got it. :slight_smile: working for me.

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