I want to share my Lovelace setup

First of all I want to thank this community ! I’am working on my Lovelace setup for about a month now and every time I had a question, I found the answer here or I ask it and some one answer me !

So as you will see I have some phone Lovelace and some tab Lovelace.

All my tabs are always in ‘‘default’’ mode and switch to another Lovelace view if the music is playing or the living room tab switch if something is playing at the tv. they also switch view in some specific scene. All ‘not default’ view can’t make the default view apear by swiping up

I really like my default page and my mobile setup … but I’m still not sure for the music view and the Tv player one… I might change them

Nice buttons, could you share code?

and what’s up with that license :laughing:

For the licence thing it’s Fully Kiosk browser … I did not buy my licence yet so it show me that !

For the code I guess I should open a GitHub but I’m bad whit that … I will check tomorrow

if you want a hint for the button it’s a dark and blue theme that I modified to make background transparent then I had some style to every button ( round border etc … )