I will show you mine / You show me yours? lol

I am a newbie when it comes to home assitant so these are the few automations i have so far… looking for ideas for more.

Fans/Fan Lights are ModernForm
TowerFan - Dreo
Outdoor Lights Pergola - FX Luminaire
Outdoor Bulbs - Tuya Dimmers
Indoor Switches/Sensors - Shelly
Pool - iAquaLink Jandy
Climate - Ecoobee for Mains - Sensibo for Splits
Climate Sensors - Sonoff Zigbee Temp.Humid
Irrigation - Rachio
Shades - Rollease Acmeda Motors and a Hub
Garage - Ratgdo
Accent Lights - Phillips Hue Bulbs / Strips / Ceiling Cans
Power Smart Plugs - VeSync / Sonoff ZBPlugs
Presence Sensor - Aqara FP2
Washer - LG ThinQ

created a Sections Dashboard for my Tablet and its not the prettiest but it does the trick

For me it’s not what you CAN do with HA, it’s more what CAN’T you do. HA is by far the most flexible home automation platform I’ve ever worked with and if there isn’t a component or solution pre-built for you it’s easy to build it using a myriad of methods. If you can think it up you can likely make it happen in HA.

i couldn’t agree more… I have a Crestron Controller and a Control4 controller and I couldn’t integrate all my smaller ecosystems into it without paying for additional licenses/drivers.

But sometimes the community has some very good ideas… just recently i discovered the integration with Tesla and i put that on the exit press button to unlock port charger, doors and trigger Tesla climate… it used to only open the garage door… now it does much more… the power of the sharing in the community

If you are looking for ideas you should search around the forums. The “hey what’s a good idea for automation” topic probably has a hundred different threads. I would recommend just reading the forums regularly, I get all kinds of great ideas just from reading what someone did (i.e., I recently built a fireplace log monitoring system using ESPHome based on some ideas brought up here, it was a fun project that my wife thinks was positively silly to do but it took me 20 minutes, $5 of components and adds a huge layer of nerdiness to my home automation).

You can also look at topics already deep into responses like:

And search github for peoples HA config files that they share…
GitHub - SirGoodenough/Home-Assistant-Config: My HA Configuration... This is what I run for production in my house..

You showed yours. Nobody is showing theirs though :wink:

And here I was thinking a picture is worth more than 1,000 words tho…lol

I am thankful for that “what’s your most useful automation” link… I am scrolling thru it as I type this…

I thought to take a different approach and post a couple of snippets to share with the community as well as the brands used, Dashboard layout, and the few automations I have created.

Mine changes too often. And how do I present 2 Dashboards, 24 Views and 19 subviews?

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Exactly! My favorite automation is the flavor of the week, my best dashboards are what I’ve done today. It is almost a full time job geeking out HA, it would be another part time job to post all the cool stuff I’ve done here. And I’ve done some seriously cool stuff (yesterday) and have some really cool stuff happening (tomorrow onward).

I am undertaking my most daunting project yet.


I am working on a notebook for my wife should I die before her. She will need something to give to an electrician to restore the house to dumb status. (Few buyers care for “smart homes”).


I did that already, it’s basically how to return the house to “press this switch to turn on this light”, we both agree that it’s far too nerdy for her to use without me. I even have a failsafe command on my Siri that basically puts HA in a mode where it does the bare minimum in case I’m traveling or if I were to dust off this mortal coil. You and I think alike, haha.

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My dashboard is essentially a slightly modified version of the old auto-generated style. I don’t care about the dashboard, and don’t put work in it. Everything should work without needing a dashboard.

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I posted some of my automations examples earlier here:

As for dashboards, this is my front page, the room tiles link to pages like the ones shown below:

And then there’s this in the livingroom:

That last one is inspired by: