I would like to have a function in HA that could remotely configure HA parameters on a mobile application by setting alert and sensor settings and blocking these parameters for certain users in mobile devices on Android, IOS

For example, there is a child user. And I want to remotely set the settings on his phone about his location, phone charge level, phone volume and frequency of these events, so that the child cannot change them from the HA application on the mobile phone.

So you essentially want a password or other security in the ha companion app?

You can also use a password for a specific user to block access to certain sensor settings in the mobile application. This can be done by greying out the parameters that are locked to change. Since there is no API for users yet. This will do as a temporary solution. Then when there will be a standardized API. For integrations and applications. Everyone will still have to rewrite them)))))
The main thing is that these settings are saved normally and are not lost when installing, deleting or reinstalling HA on the phone.
And in general, from the HA desktop it is not possible to change in any way the parameters on a mobile device added as an object in HA.
Mobile devices displayed in the Mobile application integration are in no way assigned to specific users with the appropriate rights and permissions…