I2C data values differ when installing via Wireless or Manual?

I have a bunch of BME280’s that are all displaying similar behaviour?
If I install manually using:

> ./ESPHome-Flasher-1.4.0-Ubuntu-x64.exec -p /dev/ttyUSBx --esp8266 esp01-bme280-x.bin

will read within one degree of a reference thermometer.

However, if I upload the same code via WiFi, the resulting temperature readings are about 10 degrees higher than my reference thermometer.

Can anyone offer any suggestions.

Regards, M.

Best would be definitely to open a issue on github and post as much details (yaml, logs, etc.) as possible so the devs can reproduce the behavior.

Do you get the same result when flashing over serial but using esphome directly (like the dashboard or command line version) and not via the esphome-flasher?