I2C extender PCA9536D support

Hello! I have issue with an i2c chip connected to esp32. Got a cool controller for tests, builded on esp32-pico. It works with esphome. but some functionality are not supported. Particularly, 4 buttons near oled. Buttons connected to chip marked PCA9536D. Have anybody some ideas, how i can make it work in esphome?

Have you already tried some?

I use this:

with this:

MCP23017 Serial Interface I2C SPI MCP23S17 Bidirectional 16-bit I/O 10Mhz

And that work very well.

Why are you SHOUTING

in this device MCP23017 used for extension of inputs . Buttons are on pca9536.

sorry. corrected

Both, input and/or outputs.

Yes, on this controller MCP23017 connected to multifunction connector (inputs/outputs/digital interfaces). But I need advice about pca9536.

My advise was to see if those components do work with it…

Given the lack of response here, perhaps use something else. https://github.com/esphome/feature-requests/issues/1014

Sorry, forgot you have an existing advice. Take a look at using the arduino library as a custom component in esphome.

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Starting my extended i2c journey, and just wanted to clarify the physical electronics side of things, so rather than starting a new thread here I am.

Assuming the block diagram below… could the two units on either side of the long cable be the PCF8575 modules?

I figured using the PCF8575 modules to extend over the longer cable would be handy because I could power both modules from a sing power source.

I am just not sure the PCF8575 modules would do the job, but wanted to check?

Anyone :slight_smile: :thinking: