I2C on Intel NUC

Hello to everyone. I use intel nuc celeron n3050, with generic-x86 system (haos_generic-x86-64-7.1.img.xz). How can use and istall i2c bus on this system, where i can find i2c in intel nuc, or maybe i need some usb to i2c adapter? What adapter can i use? Or may be exists another solution to have i2c on NUC? I dont want i2c over esphome, i need wired solution.

Haos is a minimal OS designed just for HA.

You may want to try a vanilla Debian OS with Home Assistant Supervised, Just be aware that once you install any other software though, it becomes officially unsupported by the developers.

You might want to simply use ESPHOME to configure an ESP8266 or ESP32 based microcontroller board. They can communicate easily with I2C devices, and it is nice to be able to place them wherever you’d like as they connect to your home network over WiFi, and communicate with Home Assistant easily.