I2C on Pico W RP2040


has anyone been able to get I2C running on RP2040? From what I’ve read it should work. If I add an I2C bus definition (with or without sensor definition) my Pico W does not boot anymore. Not even a log appears. If I uncomment it, it boots.


As the docs say

Support for all aspects of ESPHome on the RP2040 is still in development. Please search for or create an issue if you encounter an unknown problem.

Before submitting a bug report I wanted to make sure, that I do not have a dud RP2040. I will try a second Pico W today.

A second Pico W shows the same behavior (see bug report Activating I2C --> Pico W does not boot correctly · Issue #3838 · esphome/issues · GitHub)