I3 Shelly within Node Red

I wired a few Shelly I3s behind some switches in my house. All my other Shelly devices can be triggered/read within Node Red. However I cannot see the events that my I3s trigger.

Found two alternatives, but can be cumbersome,

  • switch my I3 into MQTT device (but lose Shelly Cloud functionality)
  • With automate within HA, I can see the different triggers (clicks on switch) and turn them into a HA event. (which is a lot of effort)

Any idea on easier options?

any update on this? How have you solved the problem?

If I configure the shelly button type as toggle switch I get the state of the shelly i3 in NodeRed with the events: state and current state nodes, but if I momentary button type I can not select it in NodeRed. I only need feedback if the momentary button in pressed or not (no events lik single press, double press…) - this will be done by GitHub - bartbutenaers/node-red-contrib-button-events: A Node-RED node to send events based on button actions


Solved it, and use it as momentary button set in Shelly. Will show you my flow and used node type later tonight.

perfekt - thanks a lot :smiley:

Hi, its me again - sorry for being unpatient :grin: would be nice if i could get your flow that i can test it in my system :slight_smile:


I’ve solved my issue using the ‘device node’ (in alpha, but working perfectly)
If I select the I3 device it auto populates all potential events

thank you for the information :slight_smile: As I can see you are using the events of the Shelly i3, which would work, but I would like to get not the events (single click, double click…) but just the state of the momentary switch (pressed/not pressed). But i can not find a solution for this issue. I only get the state if I select atoggle switch… would this maybe work if I use MQTT?

I think I will write the shelly support if they have an idea…

But than you should configure it as a toggle switch instead of momentary switch right?