IamMeter Energy Dashboard integration

Dear Guy’s,

Would be great if IamMeter sensors are integrated into the the new Energy Dashboard of the HASS.
Can’t find a way to add my grid meter into the dashboard … need help!

Thanks in advance !

They can be, you must just insert some stuff in configuration. See iammeter’s forum/community (accessible through your iammeter dashboard): HERE

This works, and this is the solution (until iammeter dev improve their entities):

  customize: !include customize.yaml
      last_reset: '1970-01-01T00:00:00+00:00'
      device_class: energy
      state_class: total_increasing
      last_reset: '1970-01-01T00:00:00+00:00'
      device_class: energy
      state_class: total_increasing

I know this is an old thread, two questions…is this still a valid solution and second where do I add this yaml? Just add it at the top of my config.yaml?

Not anymore, for a while now. Now you have built-in iammeter integration, iammeter will be auto-recognized. Nothing is needed in configuration.

Yes I am able to get the sensors but they will not show up in the energy dashboard, I thought that is what the above code would do, am I wrong?

Aha… i don’t use energy dashboard. I just show needed data my own way in a dedicated dashboard.
But i remember that i did have above lines inserted back then, when support for iammeter wasn’t built-in yet. However, if i’m not mistaken then you only need second part (exportgrid) if you give your power back to grid (you have solar panels…).

Does the above code create separate sensors that combine both phases of grid power? I think I’m doing something wrong because I added the code but don’t have any new sensors

I guess that you restarted HA after adding those lines…?
i’m not sure, but i think that sensors, containing word “importenergy” should appear…
otherwise maybe iammeter’s help (forum page) would be helpful… it can be reached when you login into your iammeter page (not internal IP, but official one).

I did restart, still nothing, should I be putting that code in my config.yaml? I’m sure I screwed up somewhere

Yes, code goes into configuration.yaml.

Now you can add iammeter directly through UI or automatic discovery
But you need to add iammeter or iammeter modbus from hacs, here is the relevant tutorial:

  1. IAMMETER`s Wi-Fi energy meter in HACS (Home Assistant custom component) -http get mode - Community - IAMMETER (imeter.club)
  2. Use IAMMETER`s Wi-Fi energy meter in Home Assistant custom component(HACS) -modbus/tcp (imeter.club)