iBeacon Tracker away timeout

I recently have been experimenting with ibeacons for presence detection and I have stumbled into a problem - the away timeout is too long.

I have installed some BLE Proxy devices around my house to ensure good coverage around my house. The beacons are detected essentially immediately - that is, when they are “Away”, they are detected and set to “Home” immediately when I come into range. The problem I have is going the other way. When the beacon leaves the house, it generally takes around 8 minutes before the beacon is reset to “Away”, and this delay is too long for my usage. I cannot find any way to shorten the timeout. I have several different beacons, and all of them present the same behavior. Currently I have a mix of Feasycom 103B’s, Feasycom 108’s, and Chipolo Spots.

For what it’s worth, it seemed to time out significantly faster when I was using ONLY the built in bluetooth device on my Raspberry Pi 4B, but as soon as I started adding ESPHome BLE Proxy devices, it seems like the timeout increased by a minute or so for each additional BLE Proxy I added. Is that normal? How can I shorten this away timeout?

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