iBeacon tracker for keys - Suggestion for hardware


I would like to track my keys with an iBeacon tag.
I have the following use cases:

  1. Track the keys within my house with presence detection and a few esp32 to triangulate their position and display it on a map

  2. If possible, have a button in HA to trigger a ringtone in the beacon if I can’t find them (not sure such tracker exists- exept samsung ones)

  3. Log last seen position in home assistant map when I’m travelling away and if my keys are disconnected from my phone BLE/Beacon monitoring

  4. Have a button within the tracker that’s connected with home assistant (via my phone BLE connection). If I press the button I can find my phone.

So far I’ve seen a few devices:

Any suggestion of cheap hardware tracker that I could use and program myself?

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This one seems to work quite well - I’ve only used it for a week, but so far it works as advertised:


Hey man, I got this as well. Just not getting accurate readings…
Did you change any of the settings on the device??