Icecast2 on Hassio

Will icecast2 work on Hassio?

Also (very) interested in the answer.

I have described an approach I’m taking in combining Icecast2 and Mopidy on

In theory your addon should work with any media player, not only sonos? just passing url of icecast to the media player in question?
Specifically I have in mind google cast devices like google home speakers, chromecast, etc.

I think so yes.

Currently I have been playing the stream on a Sonos, on VLC, on the new MacOS Catalina Music app (iTunes predecessor), in a browser using the Mopidy Iris webclient and streaming it to that tab, in a browser tab just by opening the stream, in the TuneIn app on iOS, etc.

Hi, Any luck with this? I’ve tried to install your Mopidy hassio-addon but no way to configure port 8000. Still not able to access Icecast