Icloud device tracker issues

I’m using Icloud on all phones for tracking. My daughters phone will go from away to home if she is at her friends house down the street all the time. I have made my home zone smaller and smaller but it don’t seem to help. Is anyone else having this problem? See my map on how far she is away and HA says she is home.


Do you have a router which you could use the device tracker component on? I use the iCloud tracker and the ASUSwrt component together in a group so even if iCloud location is a little off it ultimately lets the router decide whether that device is home or away.

Yes I have a Unifi Controller that I could use. The only thing is that my daughters phone is the only one to have issues with. Seems odd.

You could adjusted the gps accuracy setting. It sounds like it’s because the accuracy is very poor when she inside her friends house.


(integer)(Optional)iCloud location updates come with some gps_accuracy varying from 10 to 5000 meters. This setting defines the accuracy threshold in meters for a location update. Less accurate updates will be discarded by this tracker. This allows more precise location monitoring and fewer false positive zone changes.

Default value: 1000

Very nice. I missed that in the docs. Going to give it a try at 200 and see what happens.