iCloud integration keeps notifying login alert

As the HA companion app did not update location very well and I use this for home presence I tried iCloud that works better and also gives me the fine iPhone sound that I use for burglar notification ti the phone.
The iCloud keeps notifying me that a server somewhere not equal to where I am is trying to login and I need to confirm several times a day.
Is this how it works or have I done something wrong?

The iCloud integration has been broken for a while and there doesn’t appear to be much prospect of a fix in the near future.

There is a custom component available on HACS called iCloud3 which does a similar (but more complete) job although it is somewhat more complicated to use.

I can tell you: Try iCloud3. Give it some time. Home Assistant is also complicated in the first moment of use… :slight_smile: I love iCloud3!!!

I use the built-in iCloud and got that when I installed via Integrations, but when I just did it via a manual configuration.yaml block it has been working fine.

  - username: "[email protected]"
    password: "mypassword"
    with_family: true

That being said, it’s not a great implementation and is quite laggy for presence detection so I’m looking at the HACS iCloud3 myself as well.

Thanks guys,
I will get out of iCloud and try iCloud3.
Can I do iCloud3 via HACS?
It would be great with a tutorial…
Thanks guys

I can tell you now that, unequivocally iCloud3. Don’t even look at the baked in version! I set it up yesterday and it’s easily 100 times better in every possible way. The setup looks detailed, but it really isn’t, one config change, create one new file and add a few lines to it and you have SO much information at your fingertips.

I love iCloud3!

Perhaps some instructions you can share?
I have been searching but dont find a installation instruction :frowning:

This is probably one of the best documented extensions I’ve see yet. You can start at the git page where there are links to the excellent online manual.

Setup is pretty easy, you add a device tracker with your iCloud credentials, add the extension, define the devices to include in it’s own config_ic3.yaml file with whatever parameters you want to override and it works great.

Sorry - just found it… again sorry for being stupid…

I hate to be this person, but I finally configured icloud3 and can say that the documentation makes it appear to be WAYYY more difficult than it is! I’m normally the “why is there not enough documentation” type of person, but in this case not so much. For those who are scared away, here is what I’ve found:

  1. Install via HACS
  2. Configure your configuration.yaml
  3. Create a new file with contents
  4. You can get your trackers at next restart
  - platform: icloud3
    username: [email protected]
    password: gary_icloud_account_password


 - device_name: gary_iphone
   email: [email protected]
   name: Gary
   noiosapp: true
 - device_name: lillian_iphone
   email: [email protected]
   name: Lillian
   noiosapp: true

I used “noiosapp: true” because I wanted to use find my iPhone or find my friends. Not sure which I’m using, but it brought in both mine and my wife’s phones, watches, etc. This was exactly like I had with the iCloud integration from HASS.


Reviving this thread :slight_smile: ! I recently configured iCloud3 and pretty much let everything by default. I still find myself receiving 3-5 emails per day from Apple saying that I’m using my email to login into a device bla bla bla. Is there a way for me not to received these email using iCloud3? Is setting noiosapp to true (meaning it would use Find my iPhone / Find my Friend) would solves it?
Thank you.

I don’t think you an do anything about this, it’s Apple warning you that a third party is accessing your data and it doesn’t matter if it’s iCloud3 or something else. I have gotten them ever since I integrated iCloud ages ago and just built a rule in my mail app to check if it’s the HA warning or if someone really is accessing my account elsewhere and if it’s just HA I mark it as read and throw it in a folder automatically (just to be safe). Apple started doing this during that big “Fappening” breach of all the celebrities so I don’t think there’s any way to circumvent it, and there shouldn’t be a way to do that by a third party anyway.

How do you discern whether the email is because of Home Assistant or not? I just get a date and time?

In earlier versions of HA this was not there…

How did you write that rule ? In other words, how do you make a distinction between HA related login and other ?