iCloud.play_sound service not sending friendly name

The documentation for the iCloud integration claims that the service needs to be passed the friendly name of the device: “device_name” = “Human Friendly device name like Bob’s iPhone”. If I enter the data using the friendly name, the service fires but immediately immediately returns an error “Failed to call service icloud/play_sound. No device with name bob_siphone”. The service is removing the spaces and apostrophes from the name and replacing the apostrophe with an underscore. This is passed to iCloud’s APIs and failing because the iCloud name for the device is “Bob’s iPhone”. If I dumb down the name of the device to simply 'iPhone" (rename the device on the phone itself) and pass the new name to the service, the service fires successfully and the alert is displayed on the phone.

In other words, following the documentation to the letter gives an unexpected result. This makes it impossible to reliably create a template or automation for phones without naming the device something that is not particularly human-friendly.

Anyone solve that challenge yet or have any ideas?

Hi did you figure this out? I’m having the same issue.