Icloud3 with multiple devices

Hey there,

after many days of reading and trying, I just don’t know how to go on.

A few days ago I installed icloud3 version 3 (beta) to track our multiple Apple devices. So for me it is an iPhone, an iPad and an AppleWatch. For my son it is an iPhone and an iPad. The integration alone works absolutely perfect.

But for my automations I need HomeAssistant to track multiple devices at the same time. The problem is that my son sometimes takes his iPad (at school) and sometimes takes his iPhone (in the afternoon). So one of the devices stays home but it is not always the same.

I tried to solve my problem with groups and with the person integration. I wanted Home Assistant to know that someone is home when all devices of the person are home and that someone is not home if at least one device is not home.

So how can I do this with icloud3 in Home Assistant? Please help me out.

Thanks a lot!!!