Icon color broke AGAIN in 0.110.1

So, icon color broke in 0 110.0 and a fix (for the custom UI add-on) was quickly produced (thank you), but now just 1 day later the next release breaks it again…, what the hell ?


Mine are still not working in 0.110.1, what was your fix???

Now 0.110.3, still not fixed…

I believe that was a gesture of good will by the front-end devs because Custom UI is not an officially supported component of Home Assistant. In fact, it seems it’s no longer supported by its author.

FWIW, I didn’t find a substitute for it but I did stop using it. It’s clear to me that the front-end team has enough on their plate without the added work of fixing other people’s unsupported components.

And, in ~3 versions, it looks like CustomUI will not be usable unless someone builds it using js. This is due to an upcoming deprecation of a frontend field.