Icon color state ON and state OFF

Hi everybody, yesterday I integrated Octoprint MQTT with my HA and all work fine.
I also created two cards, one with all monitoring values and other with all switches (connect printer, turn on/off printer, turn on/off led etc.).
In the switches card, I have all icons that are grey when the value is OFF and white when is ON.
Only for two icons I have the color state always white, I would like that the icons are gray colored when the switch is off and white when is ON? I paste here the code and I hope that you can help me; the Icons always grey are the first two (switch.ender_power and switch.ender_led):

type: entities
  - entity: switch.ender_power
    name: Switch Stampante
    icon: mdi:power
  - entity: switch.ender_led
    name: Switch LED
    icon: mdi:lightbulb-on
  - entity: switch.octoprint_connect_to_printer
    name: Connect to printer
  - entity: switch.octoprint_camera_snapshot
    name: Camera snapshot
  - entity: button.octoprint_pause_job
    name: Pausa Stampa
  - entity: button.octoprint_cancel_print
    name: Cancel Print
  - entity: button.octoprint_stop_job
    name: Ferma Stampa
  - entity: button.octoprint_resume_job
    name: Riprendi stampa
  - entity: button.octoprint_emergency_stop
    name: Emergency Stop
  - entity: button.octoprint_reboot_system
    name: Reboot System
  - entity: button.octoprint_restart_server
    name: Restart Server
  - entity: button.octoprint_shutdown_system
    name: Shutdown System
title: Ender3 - Switches
show_header_toggle: false

Thanks and ciao