Icon Color >:(

So, the latest beta version of HA (0.110.0b3) breaks the icon_color customisation provided in the widely used custom-ui modification https://github.com/andrey-git/home-assistant-custom-ui This repo is no longer maintained, so these issues will only get worse over time.

Is it just me that thinks very basic customisation options like this should be provided in the HA core functionality ?

I have a very basic UI for my HA install, but the one thing I do everywhere is change the icon color/type for a device based on state. This might be something simple like changing the icon color of a group of lights from blue to yellow when the group is turned on to mimic the functionality provided in the HA core (i.e. Turn a light entity on and the icon color changes from blue to yellow), or changing the icon for a person entity based on their location.

It’s even more frustrating that this cannot be done because its done automatically from some entity types like lights.

Isn’t it time this basic customisation was added to the HA core…?



On a related note I attempted to downgrade to a non beta version using the command line

ha core update --version 0.109.6

However after the process had finished I was still on 0.110.0b3. Tried this twice on the command line and once via the UI, same result…

Have you tried

ha core update --version=0.109.6

If this works, there will be probably an issue on HA start with the external_url key which is added in 0.110 beta.
I had to remove the key from .storage/core.config, HA didn’t start with it.

Me thinks they are prepared to break that because they are streamlining the frontend and will be providing ‘that sort’ of functionality in the frontend (as they are moving to in other areas).

It’s just my guess though.

And if so, Marius’s PR will get rejected (but perhaps with an explanation this time)

Still no joy, removed the key, tried the update command with no version specified, then with the = (instead of the space specified in the command line help file), then with the space again…, still on 0.110.0b3.

Another BUG, state dependant glance cards no longer work in this version, OpenHAB is looking better every day…