Icon for ESPhome dashboard


I’ve got HA running in a container (version core-2022.4.0) and also ESPHome in a separate container.
Now I integrated the Esphome dashboard via “panel_iframe” into HA.
It works fine, but I can’t find a matching icon for this :pensive:.
Who can help?

mdi:chip ?

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No, i mean the Esphome iconScreenshot_20220410-233907_Google

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Here is solution for future googlers:

  1. Download custom-brand-icons.js file from the latest release.
  2. Copy the custom-brand-icons.js file into <config>/www/ the directory where your configuration.yaml resides.
  3. Add the following to the frontend section of your configuration.yaml
    - /local/custom-brand-icons.js
  1. Restart Home Assistant.