Icon mdi:lamp not rendered

I would like to customize some light entities to use the mdi:lamp icon in the UI, as can be found in https://materialdesignicons.com/icon/lamp.

However, it is not rendered in the UI, the icon space is just blank.
Looks like HA can’t find the icon?
Are not all icons available in the online materialdesignicons library compatible with HA for some reason?

It is working from here. Could it be an error on your side. Or spacing in yalm code ? Post your code

I think I ran into this before too, checked it a few times and ended up going with just a bulb instead. Would be interested to know the outcome.

thanks for the feedback,
I am certain the YAML markup was ok, because I am using custom icons all over the different entities, it was only the mdi:lamp which wouldn’t render.

However, now on Home Assistant 0.33.2 it works!

Tried this again and mdi:lamp is working now. Im on 33.3.