Icon of group lights have no yellow color

Hi there,
I created a group of light of my home into settings → helpers of home assistant including all domotic lights of my home.
Than I created a button card which counts the number of lights in on-state:

type: custom:button-card
entity: sensor.luci_accese
layout: icon_name_state2nd
show_state: true
    - padding-top: 2%
    - padding-bottom: 2%
    - height: 80px
    - width: 300px
    - font-size: 140%
    - font-weight: bold
    - justify-self: start
    - align-self: center
    - font-size: 85%
    - justify-self: start
    - color: var(--secondary-text-color)
  - value: 0
    operator: '>'
        - color: var(--paper-item-icon-active-color)
  action: none

But the state value operator (bottom of the script) doesn’t work.
Indeed the color icon is blue:


Previously I created a simple button card with only one light as a test, and when I turn it on it colors of yellow like this:


that is the default color of light entities.
So I’d like the icon group also assumes the same color.
I thought that the group inheritances the single light properties, but I obviously did something wrong.

A light group helper would be named light.xxx
Not sure what that sensor is.

I’ve used sensors for similar things, depending on the situation. He’s trying to count how many lights are on.

@idro you might find it easier to do this with Card Mod, it allows you to dig pretty deep on these things. The color is #ffc107.

Sure, but he explicitly talks about a group helper, of lights.
I never used that myself, so I tested and it looks like the helper created by grouping lights is in the “light” domain.

That being said, it seems irrelevant to the actual question which is actually about usage of custom:button-card

Anyway the code of the color fixed my issue. I put in place of var(–secondary-text-color)

Thank you.

That’s why I put it there, so you could fix what you have. The reference to Card Mod was more as an FYI since it’s a very powerful reformatter that will work with custom buttons.