Icon picker not showing icons


Don’t know exactly since when (maybe 2022.3, not sure), that my icon picker doesn’t show the mdi icons anymore.

Picking a random entity belonging to an integration and if I either use my own theme or the default (light):

If I use default (dark) instead, icons are visible:

I have updated all my themes following some changes in 2022.3, but these icons still don’t seem to want to show up.
Is there any property which needs to be added to themes? It is strange that this doesn’t seem to work with default theme (light) either, isn’t it?

I have already fully refreshed the page on Google Chrome and am now on 2022.4.1 with latest frontend update installed also.

Has anyone found a fix for this? Sorry if this was already mentioned before, but honestly I couldn’t find it.

Bump. Can anyone help out here?

Thanks in advance.