Icon status change when IP is active

I have a button . When I press it, 2 plugs make a sender and receiver connected to the energy net.

They are used to extend my network ( in the garden) . They don’t have to be active all the time…

So when I press my wifi symbol gets green. But I have to wait 2,3 minutes to get the sender an Ip adress. The time between the press and the having an ip, i want the wifi symbol blinking on and off…

How do I do this

There is no native way of doing this.
If you know how to detect the wait state, you could use the 🔹 Card-mod - Super-charge your themes! to have the icon do almost anything you want.

If the blinking is not required, you could consider creating your own template sensor with state depending icons using the icon_template.

Card-Mod isn’t easy, but with a bit of luck you will find some sample code that you can modify to your needs. So know what you wish for :wink:

I made a binairy sensor that pings the IP of the device, so when the button is pressed it has to blink until the binary sensor is “on”