Icon style in most recent version (post icon-optimizations)

Good day,

I have a custom front-end card to display information regarding trash-disposal/pick-up.
Prior to the most recent update (where the icon rendering was changed) my icons showed up the way I wanted them to, larger than normal and centered within the container.

However as of the most recent versions - because of the way the icons are rendered - my styles are no longer applying as the icons are now rendered in a Shadow DOM rather than light DOM.

I am looking for a way to still manipulate the icons in my custom card to fit the styling that I need.
Thus far I have managed to determine that - with the changes of the icon rendering - the ‘–mdc-icon-size’ variable can be used to change the size, however this is used for the height and width of the icon on a 1:1 basis (setting this to eg. 24px means 24px width and height).

Is there anyone here that might have a clue as how to approach this now?