Icon that looks like a Weiner?

Is there an icon that looks like a wiener for a helper I’m making? Can I add icons?


Is there any way to add icons that are custom? Like is there a thing can I just get a wang silhouette and format it right and leave it In a folder and add a line to configuration? Or something. I was making a bunch of sex jokes and thought it would be funny if there was a pack of icons that were like sexually themed to fuck with people. Was gonna replace the remote buttons with wieners except make the power button a butthole.

Ah yes, I remember being 12.


Nope just made a wiener joke about a remote controlled wiener and thought it would be funny af.

Did someone make a sexually themed midi icon pack? Like with a wiener and random sexually based images?

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There’s no such thing as “mdi icon packs”.

Home Assistant uses all the icons provided by material design. You can’t add your own.

Not that I want to encourage anything, but you can add custom icons.

HACS has several repos available, but none that address this topic.

No there’s not. You can add your own but not easily.

There’s a custom component in HACS called fontawesome which extends the set of available icons to those in https://fontawesome.com/ . This icon set also does not have what you’re looking for but if you look at how the custom component is doing that then perhaps you can make your own similar custom component which extends HA with an icon set of your choice.

Seems like a lot of effort for a strange prank but to each their own.

More than 3 years ago, no idea if this still works.

I made some and it was not that tough to do.

Which are not mdi icons.

You can check my custom icon integration/and repo (via bio)

Non sausages though :wink:

i just downloaded some icons from google and used the config entry to add the image path and friendly name and entity id to make the icon the images. and stuck downloaded versions of the images on my apache server right on the device. so now theirs images of people boning on home assistant and its hilarious. also made something a joint.