Icone color state

What’s wrong with mi code in this card?

type: custom:button-card
entity: sensor.finestra_cucina
name: Cucina
show_state: true
template: null
style: |
  :host {
      {% if is_state(sensor.finestra_cucina, "OFF") %}    
      {% endif %}
      {% if is_state(sensor.finestra_cucina, "ON") %}     
      {% endif %}
      {% if is_state(sensor.finestra_cucina, "vasistas") %}     
      {% endif %}

You don’t tell what are the symptoms.
It’s like asking your doctor: “What’s wrong with me” :wink:

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Sorry, you are right.
The icon remains white in any state
What am I doing wrong?

You actually do not need card-mod for the button card

See, e.g., Custom: button-card - change icon based on state - #20 by mmillner

If you want to follow the card-mod route, see the button card note regarding which variables are used for the icon color.