Icons disappeared

Hi I have the last version of hassio and this morning all my carda do not have any icons ! I restart the system but without any change. Any idea ?

Hassio has not been available for over a year and a half. So if you really are running Hassio (as opposed to Home Assistant OS) you are running a very old version.

Sorry I am using home assistant. In fact the issue appeared in the ios application and not directly through the local access.

The issue is on iOSs side, you’ll have to clear your cache or wait a full second for them to appear. After you clear your cache, do not reload as this will mess up the icons again. Gotta love apple breaking things.

Edit: all iOS devices are affected by this. Mac, iPhone, etc.

Thank you, th new release of ios broke the icon and the notification, on my other mobile (previous ios) everything is working