ICSee R80X20-PQ camera setup Frigate


I struggled to get my R80X20-PQ camera working in Frigate.

It is this camera:

I finally found the right go2rtc stream setup:

    carportcam: #R80X20-PQ
      - rtsp://192.168.xx.xx:554/user=[your_username]_password=[your_password]_channel=0_stream=0.sdp
      - "ffmpeg:carportcam#audio=aac"

It took me quite some trial and error to get this working the way it should. :slight_smile:

Now Iā€™m investigate further on how to switch the IR light and the Floodlight from my HA setup.

For PTZ I found the GitHub - dbuezas/icsee-ptz HACS integration.

If anyone knows how to get the hidden features available as mentioned in the readme of that HACS integration, I would be very gratefull.

Thanks, just getting into Home Assistant and working through frigate config, this is a great help :+1: