I'd like to reset all data for a specific device

This is for a zwave temperature/humidity sensor. I’m putting it in a different location and i’d like to reset all the historical data. I tried going to to developer->statistics, but i don’t see a “ramp” icon for this device’s data.

How else can i do this?

Maybe remove the device, then go to setting/sevices
Run purge (all, meaning don’t keep days) , for that particular device(entities)
And don’t forget to check the brand-page, im sure they have maybe FAQ, howto reset a particular device :wink:

i was being lazy and hoping to do it without removing the device since it would require physical access, which i don’t have for a couple days.

Ok, so when you get home, try the reset button on the device :wink:

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By “moving” i actually didn’t mean physically , I think HA wouldn’t figure out, whether you moved it from the kitchen to the bedroom, unless you “told it”

Maybe I have a key lack of knowledge here. Is the historical data stored on the device itself or in HA? My assumption is it’s in HA’s database, and thus the data should be deletable through HA without removing/adding the device?

The long term statistics are stored in the HA DB, not the device.

Have you tried renaming the entity? There are some older posts that claim the statistics are tied to the entity ID, but I don’t know if it’s true anymore (and haven’t tried myself). https://community.home-assistant.io/t/wth-do-i-lose-lose-long-term-energy-data-if-i-delete-an-entity/468752

There are a number of unanswered posts that ask how to delete/reset the long term stats, and there doesn’t seem to be an answer.

The last resort would be excluding and re-including the device, which is a pain. But then it’s not clear that would solve anything if the stats are preserved based on the entity ID.