Idea for Template Sensor... Help!

Just wondering if a smart person out there can help me out…

Have a sunburn sensor but at night it has “unknown”, in the morning it might show the likes of 500 minutes and during midday for example it shows reasonable figures like 45 minutes.

Is there a way to use a template sensor to tidy this up?
Ideally at night it would say “Night”, and maybe if it’s above 60 minutes it could show “60+”, and if it is 60 or below it could show the actual sensors value.

I’ve got this far and not sure where to go from here…

  value_template: >-
    {% if states.sensor.skin_type_3_safe_exposure_time > 60)}
    {% endif %}
  - platform: template
        value_template: >
          {% set s = states('sensor.skin_type_3_safe_exposure_time') %}
          {% if s in ('unknown', 'unavailable') %}
          {% elif s|int > 60 %}
          {% else %}
            {{ s }}
          {% endif %}

Replace xxx with the object_id you want to use for this sensor.

Thanks a bunch for your help!
The " int > 60" and “{{ s }}” were the two things I wasn’t sure how to write.

Thanks again!