Ideal Heat Pump to control via Home Assistant


As I am about to buy a new heat pump/aircon, I am wondering if you can recommend any brand that works (ideally) flawlessly.
Some time ago, I fiddled around with a Daikin Heat Pump that wasn’t WiFi enabled and a Xiaomi IR thingy. Didn’t work at all.
For my new project (a tiny house with basically one overall room on 2 levels), I want to maximise the ease of use. Meaning: I would choose the heat pump (brand and model) based on a) how easy it is to be integrated with Home Assistant b) the availability of functions.

The current idea for some automations is something along the lines of:

  • at 6am, make sure temperature in the house based on temperature sensor A (bedroom) is at 19 deg, otherwise set heat pump to 21 degrees until 21 degrees are reached based on sensor A, afterwards set heat pump to 20 degrees
  • at 7am, set room temperature to 20 degrees based on sensor B (lower level of the house)
  • at 11pm, set heat pump to night mode (min 18 deg based on sense A).

There is the option of Sensibo which appears to work quite well even with non WiFi heat pumps, but, as I said, I just want this thing to run — ideally straight out of the box without heaps of config/arduino-solutions etc.

Thanks for all you recommendations and sharing your experiences.