Ideas for a tutorial to learn custom components

Hi to all !
I’m making a video tutorial on ESPHome, now i’m explaining what is custom component. The goal is to explain things only with the onboard led (So, everyone can test it !).
Here is the summary of my tutorial :

  • Create a custom_component to blink the led with the traditionnal arduino blink example (Yes, i use delay, i know it’s bad, it’s for example)
  • Create a custom sensor / PollingComponent to blink the led, learn how to use ESP_LOGD function
  • Create a number template to adjust the interval of the PollingComponent (using set_update_interval and id() function)
  • Include an existing library (Led winker : PlatformIO Registry) and use it in a custom sensor

That’s all ! Do you think that i can add something else ? perhaps there is ESPHome functions i don’t know that are usefull ? Thanks !

If you want to see other videos of my channel (in french, sorry) : pyc tech - YouTube

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