Ideas on how to automate this?

Hi there
just looking for ideas on how to automate this kind of hardware.
they are all push buttons and used to control the evaporative air conditioner.


Open up the case and solder wires on the button connectors,then set the wire up to an esphome device.
The issue will be detecting the fan speed, since there are many of them.
And esp device should be able to detect a voltage on the pins to the LEDs, but I am not sure there are enough pins for all the LEDs.

You will require a common ground for a direct connect like the one described above.
If you can not make that then you need relays for the buttons and some way to measure voltage for the LEDs.

Ok, yep i remember seeing a youtube video of someone connecting esp32 device to send the signal. i’ll open it up and take a look. thanks!