Ideas On How to Remove This

Hey guys, since HA 0.88 came out i have been getting this error:

After doing some research, I was able to find these:

These are some multi sensors flashed with ESPHome. I went into those and replaced them several times; but for some reason once i restart HA they are all back.and that’s driving me crazy. I can’t find away to remove them. Any ideas guys.

check your config where you listed your light, you probably this listed:
flash: true
If so, delete that line
I had the same with my config

Thank you for taking the time to reply. So far I don’t have any line like that on my light.yaml file.

try and check all your config / files (if broken into several ones). If the config check picks it up, it most likely means you have it defined somewhere.
Try and do a search for flash and see what that returns.
If you’re using Notepad++, CTRL+SHIFT+F will do a search on a directory and subdirectory:

I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to reply to my post. But I went through all the file under homeassistant directory and so far i haven’t found any references of that line. I’m going to keep looking for it. I think in the next HA release, that would become an issue for me.

No worries, it’s what we do :slight_smile:
I guess let it be and when it breaks, you’ll know which lights are missing, then you can start looking more exactly where things are…

by the way, since you’re specifically on ESPHome, check this post:

Not sure if a resolution was found but worth asking there as it’s pretty much the same issue as yours.