Identifier for which google home


Is there a way to tell which google home is passing the voice command?

I have a couple of google home minis in different areas and it would be good if home assistant could tell which one was which.

I’d like to be able to walk into a room and just say to turn the light on. If I know which google home it was, I know which light otherwise I have to say which room every time.


It doesn’t look like Google sends this information. I was hoping Google would include a user id when it matched with voice match so I could make some commands (opening the garage door for example) only possible when the user is matched.

This is the call google makes to hass:

That’s not very smart when anybody has multiple devices. You really need to know which device is which.

Found this

If you assign a Google Home to a room can home assistant tell what room that is?

Any ideas anyone?

Im also interested. I have seen that this is possible with Alexa.