Identify physical press on Kasa switch

I have a set of dumb LED bulbs connected to a Kasa HS220 switch and some Philips Hue bulbs on a different circuit. All are controlled by scenes. I would like the Kasa switch to turn all bulbs on or off, which I can do via automations. However, this prevents me from including the Kasa switch in any scenes; doing so causes the automations to be triggered by the scenes, which overrides the desired state on the Hue bulbs.

For example, suppose I have a scene which dims the Philips bulbs and turns off the Kasa switch. I also have an automation which turns off all bulbs when the switch is pressed. If I run the scene, the automation ends up getting triggered in the process of virtually turning off the Kasa switch, which causes all bulbs to turn off (not what I wanted).

Is there a way to do either of the following:

  1. Distinguish between physical and virtual switch press on a Kasa entity
  2. Detect if an automation was originally triggered by a scene

Plan B is to replace the Kasa switch with a zigbee switch (if such a thing exists) and put the dumb LEDs on a zigbee outlet. That would allow me to control the power state independently of the switch state.

Thanks for any ideas.