Identify: What type of wall switch is this?


I recently saw this wall switch in a large US federal government building. Basically it a momentary 2-pole switch that you can manually turn on/off lights in an area. And given it’s a momentary switch I think it can also be controlled by a remote system that controls the building (I cannot verify this).

  1. Could it be just two z-wave switch in 2-gang box? Or are there any other similar protocols that gets implemented in a large office building?
  2. Is there a simple mechanical (not z-wave, etc) 2-pole momentary wall switch currently available on the US market?

Not sure how they would be implemented for light switches, but they are great controlling motors.

Nice. I think it’s similar to what you found, but not exactly the same. The wall switch in question does not have any ON/OFF inscription. I’m very tempted to unscrew the switch plate and peek into it… haha

I’ve seen this type of momentary switch used to drive relays when controlling a large bank of lights. Like all the overhead lights in a school gym.