Identifying a remote login device

I ended up having to do a factory reset on my android phone is was mega slow,
How do I identify the “user” in HA
On notifications it just gives me
Login attempt or request with invalid authentication from
I’ve looked in the logs but cant find any ID apart from the IP adress
adding a user with IP Adress has no effect
I’m guessing that as its a Sony Xperia its sending something like that.
I did have it working before , just setting the ip address of the server port 8123
and the password, but that is not playing any more,
Still using v104
any ideas how I can allow a remote login again please

Hi @richard-g8jvm
First of all I want to make sure you choose the right forum section. Are you using HA Client or an official Home Assistant app?

The one developed bt AXZAE, v 3.3 HomeAssist
if that s not the right one , which android app should I be using
the logo looks the same

Just a casual observer as I use the webui/vpn not any apps, but I did notice a broad array of ‘official looking’ HA apps in the store, LOL. Looking at recent reviews of that particular one developed by ax???123 seems like it’s using deprecated login methods. So might be time to update your HA, and ditch that app for something more official.

If I try HA client it just sits there initialising

Try official app

I can see whats happened , I did a factory reset on my Sonu xperia E6533, it reset the OS back to Android 5, the homeassistant .companion is not available for the version of Android I now have.
And Sony have crapped on their users by removing the upgrade links so I’m stuck with too earlier version to run HA and my banking app also wont run, far from happy .
I’m getting very fed up with this built in failure mode on modern equipment.

Hi @richard-g8jvm
Actually HA Client should work on Android 5.0. Could you please describe the issue you have with HA Client? It would be event better if you’ll create a bug report here for me to try to resolve it.

Hi there is not enough info to create a bug report .
First time start up it askes for the URL, BUT it does not ask for the device name.
It does not even try to connect , as no notification from HA
The next and subsequent times you start the app you just get the Home Assitant
and there it sits
pressing long live token asks for it, which takes ages to enter, but it still does nothing after that.
I’ve ordered a Motorola E6 phone , that has android 9 on it so maybe that should work
Sorry I cant give you any useful info