IDM Heat Pump integration


I own an IDM Terra heat pump (IDM = a small Austrian manufacturer), and have access to the cloud based remote control of my heat pump via android app.
I’d like to integrate the heat pump to my Home assistant; As the brand “IDM” is not very known outside of Austria & Germany, there’s no official addon / integration for Home assistant availble.
However, I found an inofficial integration here:

The functionallity is exactly what I am looking for - but I failed several times when I tried to integrate this manually.

I’ve copied the files into the “custom_components” directory, added the inegration into the config.yaml and filled the required areas with my username and PW.

All the time HA gives the following alert: "platform “idm_heater” not found.

I tried to install the “example_sensor” (as provided by HA) the same way - same alert, same problem.
Installed the same “example_sensor” via HACS from Git: no “platform_xxx” not found issue".

My problem is: I cannot install the custom “idm-heater” component via HACS, as it is not provided on Git, and the manual installation does not work any time.

What can I do to get this integration working?

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Hi, I have the same problem. I have tried a thousand ways and I have not been able to integrate it.

Could it be a problem with Home Assistant OS?