If > 60% rain tomorrow, send alert

i already have the YR symbol to see current condition but i am more interested in tomorrow’s condition. i see there are some samples for Dark Sky, but it is not accepting new signups. :frowning:
what are my options to send alert if tomorrow’s chance of rain is greater than 60%?

The national weather service integration does have chance of rain as an attribute, but it might require some templating, looking at it, it seems like the data is all in a string??

No it’s not a string. That is the attributes.

{{ states.weather.kntu_daynight.attributes.forecast[0].precipitation_probability }}

If I’m correct. You can test it in the templates tool.

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This is not for me specifially, just sharing that the NWS does have the probability. But…

I get this errror in the templates section, with that

Error rendering template: UndefinedError: ‘mappingproxy object’ has no attribute ‘forcast’

I’ve done this kind of thing before, but I think it was in a markdown card, or something.

Edit: Nermind, it was a typo above. forecast vs forcast

{{ states.weather.kntu_daynight.attributes.forecast[0].precipitation_probability }}

Definitely works!! Thanks!

I know it was not you that asked.
I just answered your statement, and probably gave OP some hints to how to parse the attributes.

I don’t use any weather in HA so I don’t know what yr’s integration looks like. It was a long time ago since I used it.
But if I only get to see what it looks like (as you did, but with NOAA) then it’s quite easy to answer.

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any idea where to get an API key?
weird i cant find this info anywhere at NWS


That’s funny. Made me chuckle anyway.

Here are the details on what you should enter from the HA documentation

Bottom line, it really can be anything you want, I believe I used my email as suggested in the documentation